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Taigu Fellow Veronica Colegrove shares her Mother’s Day experience in Taigu, China

Veronica Colegrove is one of the Fellows to Shanxi Agricultural University in Taigu, China for 2012-14. This article was written by her and posted to her blog May 13, 2013.

Poems: Mother’s Day

I did a poetry lesson with my students, to be expounded on in a later post. Usually it’s like pulling teeth to get them to tone down their rhetoric, because they have a serious penchant for the florid and grandiose. While very annoying in essays–”I have been waiting my whole life up til now to see this movie. I think it is an excellent movie, and every person should watch this movie. It taught me to continuously pursue my dream. I will never stop until it comes true” on 50 essays–this turns out absolutely beautiful poems.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are some poems by my grad students.

My Mother, by Amanda M.

When I grow up
You are old
You used your youth to water my future
But the years of time gray your head
On the way of growth
Others only care about whether or not I fly high
But you care for me whether or not I tried.
You used your youth to sow the sunshine to me.
I’ll use my future to shield you from the rain.
Mom, I love you.

Give my mother, by Daniel

Sit for a long time——
Push the window watching the rain!
All thoughts are given to the sky!
The old trees in the rain outside the window remained unmoved,
Only the salsa noise inside the raindrops falling on the leaves.Rainy night——
How deep it is?
Through the clouds, without any clear light.

In this night, I’m watching the sky,
The bird can hide into its nest;
In this night, I’m watching the sky,
I just want to hide in your arms.

In the other city, where a helpless I?
with rain in the night, where is lonely me?
Impetuous era, let me abandon!
I only miss you!

At this moment, I only opened the window,
Let the rain soak my hands;
Let the wind blow my mind;
Let the rain and the wind bring my care to my mother!

The creator –
If in a permanent life,
Only have a blissful promise,
I would like to sincerely request:
I wish I can stay in my mother’s arms!

Good Night, by Monica

My grandmother
Now we live in different worlds.
I wonder [about] your situation, please tell me.
Could you eat watermelon in summer like before,
is there any pain in your leg?
I miss you
You often appeared in my dream,
you were so kind like before
I miss you
I feel you have become a star in the sky,
coruscate your eyes,
see me, guard me
I am not picky now
I am also a college student,
as you desired for me

Your hope is my driving force.
I will worker harder
I will take care my mother, and myself
I hope you will

My grandmother passed away when I [was] in the senior [grade] 3. At that time I thought I would breakdown. As my parents are busy, my grandmother looked after me when I were born. For me, she is not only my grandmother but also my friend. I [felt] my world is dark. In addition [in] that period of time I must faced many tests. But I cannot calm down. I cannot concentrate attention in the class. So my grades fall down. My teacher thought I lack persistion. They thought I can’t suffered the stress. They have no time and no energy to help me to adjust to the bad time. In fact I can suffer any bad time, it was even worse for my grandma, for my parents.

Untitled, by Victoria

You leave me without any words
I can’t believe it is truth.
I want to tell you I am not a brave girl
I am afraid of being alone
I want to tell you I want to sing to you
Your disappearance made me unable to calm down.


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