Joining Worlds

Oberlin Resources and Programs


Oberlin Shansi has a very active partnership with Oberlin College. The roots of the organization are engrained in the history of the college and there are a number of programs offered on-campus, or developed in collaboration with campus departments and student groups.

On the college campus, Oberlin Shansi does all sorts of things including:

  • Providing visiting research scholarships to scholars from Asia
  • Rewarding Oberlin College students for meritorious work on topics relating to Asia
  • Coordinating academic symposia, lecture series, music performances, and many other types of events
  • Providing on-campus grants and sponsorships

To learn more about these programs or possibilities for funding and collaboration, please use the links on the left.

Oberlin Shansi Offices

Shansi Office, located in Peters Hall, Room 103. Come visit!