Joining Worlds

Visiting Scholar Program

Shansi offers funding opportunities to scholars from Asia:

Visiting Scholars, Anita Tiphagne and Syarifah Faradina at a 2012 Barack Obama speech in Ohio

Visiting Scholars, Anita Tiphagne and Syarifah Faradina seeing Barack Obama speak in Ohio, 2012

Visiting Research

Scholars are faculty or staff chosen competitively from all of the Shansi partner institutions in Asia who spend up to a semester at Oberlin College in support of their scholarly growth. They observe undergraduate teaching, familiarize themselves with the library and its information retrieval system and pursue their areas of research. On their return to Asia they are expected to share experiences with the home institution and communicate with and support the Shansi Fellows assigned there.

Visiting Research Scholar applicants select a mentor from a list of faculty, compiled by Shansi, who are willing to work with Shansi visitors. Applicants identify a class, taught by their mentor, that they will attend regularly, and will also regularly work with their mentor to develop research projects. Shansi will assist the scholar in hosting an appropriate event for the class s/he is attending. No Oberlin College curricular area or individual will be expected to host a Shansi Visiting Research Scholar for two or more consecutive years.

Visiting Scholar Guest Lecture

Nurjannah is a guest lecturer in Professor Daniel Birchok’s Ethnography, Religion and Gender in South East Asia class at Oberlin

In addition to hosting and logistical support for the fellowship, Shansi provides housing, visa expenses, and plane fare. For more information on the Shansi Visiting Research Scholars program, please contact Executive Director Gavin Tritt or meet Shansi’s Visiting Scholars!

Shansi also welcomes scholars from Asia, not necessarily associated with Shansi partner sites, who provide Oberlin students with intellectually rich curricular offerings in areas of Shansi interest when funds permit. Under the auspices of Oberlin College faculty members, they may offer modules, mini-courses, lectures that complement courses, or courses co-taught with Oberlin faculty.

Oberlin Shansi Visiting Scholars Program

Visiting Research Scholars for Spring 2012. (From L to R) Lindawati, Hendra Kurniawan, Fithriana Abdurraham, and Jie Yao. Photo by Daniel Tam-Claiborne (Taigu Fellow 2009-11, Returned Fellow 2011-12).

Shansi provides housing, visa expenses, and plane fare. The faculty sponsor is responsible for taking care of all academic procedures and arranges for an appropriate stipend from departmental lectureship funds or subsidies from the Deans.

The scholars are selected on the basis of applications submitted to the Shansi Visiting Scholars Committee by the faculty member. Interested faculty members should contact the Shansi Executive Director Gavin Tritt prior to writing up the application. In general the application consists of a cover letter explaining the background, scope and purpose of the visit, a plan indicating what financial resources have been obtained, and the resumé of the visiting scholar applicant.