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“Tree Project Film” Screening Oct 28th!

Oberlin Shansi Tree Project Upcoming Event

Oberlin Shansi Upcoming Event Hiroshi SunairiJoin us this coming Monday night for a viewing of Tree Project Film at the Hallock Auditorium in the Environmental Studies Center at 7 pm. In this film, Hiroshi Sunairi, an artist and filmmaker from Hiroshima documents the work of Chikara Horiguchi, a “tree doctor” who cares for the a-bombed trees that survived the atomic bombing.

Sunairi has been accepting and distributing seeds given to him by Dr. Horiguchi throughout the world. He has been working with Green Legacy Hiroshima, an initiative to safeguard and spread the seeds and saplings of Hiroshima’s A-Bomb survivor trees. Species include Round Leaf, Holly, Persimmon, Chinaberry, Firmiana, Ginkgo, Jujube, and the Aogiri (Chinese Parasol) which is particularly important in local folklore because “it was the first to sprout where the atom bomb had been dropped, and this gave courage to the people of the city.”

The experience of the film, Sunairi hopes, will have as much of a transformative effect on the viewer as it did for the artist.