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“Chelu!” Bakla Labor In Neoliberal Manila, Philippines

Gian Parel Oberlin Shansi In-Asia Grant Recipient Presentation

Oberlin Shansi is thrilled to announce a presentation by In-Asia Grant Recipient, Gian Parel, a double major in neuroscience and economics.

This January, Gian traveled to Manila, Philippines where he set out to examine labor patterns and the movement toward economic empowerment of bakla youth (rough western equivalent of bakla: gay male). Come join Gian as he thoughtfully discusses his research.

In Gian’s words, this will be a lecture on “Filipin@ male assigned queers with varying gender identifications, their labor, intersectional struggles, resistance, in the neoliberal capitalist economy of Manila, Philippines.”Gian Parel is the recipient of an Oberlin Shansi In-Asia Study Grant

The presentation will take place in Wilder 101, this Thursday at 7:30. You can swing by right after the panel on gender roles in East Asia, presented by CSA, JSA and OKSA.