Joining Worlds

4/3/2013: Teresa Tippens Shares Sonic Photographs of Japan


Teresa Tippens received a Shansi In-Asia Undergraduate Grant to Japan for Winter Term 2013. As a 2nd year Musical Studies major with a focus in Sound Design and Technology and a minor in Computer Studies, she believes sound is an integral and often underrepresented element of culture. She left for Japan under the premise that sounds have the ability to convey cultural significance that is often overlooked and can provide a soundtrack with hidden meaning to listeners. Her time was spent walking through the streets of Japan recording “sonic photographs”– compositions made of recorded sounds that try to capture the sonic atmosphere of a place.  She recorded everything from temple bells and chanting to train stations and street interactions. Teresa plans on using these sounds as building blocks to craft a listening experience that will put the listener in Japan, giving them an experience they would not otherwise have unless traveling there.

Please join Shansi and the Oberlin Community in sharing Teresa’s experience.

When: April 3rd, 2013 at 7:30 P.M.

Where: Shipherd Lounge (Asia House)