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Cory Roger’s Article featured in The Jarkarta Globe


Identity and Resistance in Yogyakarta Chili Farmers,” an article by Indonesia fellow, Cory Rogers, was featured in the Jakarta Globe. Rogers reported on the Coastal Farmer’s Association of Kulon Progo’s annual Chili Harvest Celebration. Many of the farmers in the Kulon Progo regency depend on the chili harvest for income, and the threat of the development of an iron sand mine in the area has resulted in community resistance. The Chili Celebration, which Rogers describes in vivid detail, falls on the anniversary of the public disclosure of a proposed iron sand mine. Cory is beginning his second year at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Jakarta Globe is Indonesia’s most widely read English-language newspaper, and Cory hopes that by highlighting this local struggle, he can bring the chili farmer’s cause to a wider audience.

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